Jesus has given a command to the church to "make disciples of all nations" (Matt 28:19). In order to obey this command, we have established an outreach ministry to help us take the good news of Jesus Christ to the community around us. One way in which we do this is to train our people to evangelize using The Way of the Master training course. When a person is trained, they then have the opportunity to apply their training every other week as we actively share the gospel in downtown Fort Worth marked as 4SG (For the Sake of the Gospel) on the the church Calendar. Throughout the year we also seek to serve the community in various ways including nursing home ministry. For more information please email the church office

Nursing Home Ministry

This ministry is open for all who have a heart for the elderly. This ministry visits area  nursing homes for prayer, fellowship,  songs of praise, and evangelism . 

On Saturday, October 7 this ministry will meet in the Calvary Fellowship Hall and travel to Kindred Care. For more information, contact the church office (817) 738-8456 or email cbcfortworth@cbcfortworth.org.