clarification - 4/22/21

Calvary Bible Church is completely open in all areas with no covid restrictions. We do still provide a facility for those wanting to social distance and wear masks. Feel free to email any questions to

update from the elders - 1/6/21

The recent increase in sickness among our families has led to low attendance in Sunday school, as well as difficulty staffing the classrooms. Due to this, we have decided to close down the 9-10am hour for the next four Sundays. We will not meet again for Sunday school until February 7.

Update from the elders - 12/24/20

Due to an increased number of positive covid diagnoses within the CBC family in recent days, the elders have decided to move our Sunday service to online-only for this Sunday, December 27. We will send an email later in the week with additional details and materials for Sunday.

Although we won't be together in person, may we all rejoice in the knowledge that we celebrate our common hope as evidenced by God's incredible gift at the incarnation. And may we be diligent to minister this hope to one another (even if from a distance for now) as we have opportunity!

update from the elders - 12/17/20

As you may already know, there have been a few positive COVID test results in the Calvary family this week. In light of that, we offer these reminders and encouragements, most of which come directly from the CDC here:

If you have tested positive, please be considerate of those with whom you've been in close contact by letting them know.

If you've been exposed to someone who's tested positive, please see CDC guidance to determine whether you're a close contact and if so, their suggested quarantine guidance.

If you are sick, and especially if your symptoms align with COVID, please stay home this Sunday.

If you will join us but prefer to worship where social distancing is practiced and masks are worn by all during singing, please go to the conference room in the office building. N95 masks will be made available to you as you enter.

Finally and most importantly, take courage and comfort knowing that the Lord is sovereign over all, from galaxies to microbes! Therefore we will not fear, even if the mountains are swallowed up by the oceans! At the same time, let's take the reasonable steps to love each other and to limit needless acceleration of COVID through our Calvary family.


In light of concerns and questions about recent decisions and developments regarding COVID, Pastor Dan gave some explanation and encouragements from the elders on Sunday, November 22. This message can be played on the video player below.



Beginning Sunday, November 15, we are removing the requirements for masks and social distancing. For those who prefer, we will continue providing a venue (the office conference room) with social distancing and a mask requirement during singing. We continue to ask that if you are experiencing any sick symptoms, you would please watch our church's service on livestream from your home.

update from the elders - 9/18/20

Beginning this Sunday, September 20, we are removing the requirement that you wait for an usher to seat you for the Sunday morning service. Please continue to leave some space between households as you are seated.

update from the elders - 8/14/20

We would like to announce some changes to our policy pertaining to COVID-19.

First, we would remind us all of a few important truths concerning our fellowship in Christ, and how these should be evidenced in patience and understanding:

  • While our union with Christ and unity of the Spirit are eternal and indelible, we must recognize that different responses exist in our body related to COVID-19 news and guidance, as well as individual underlying health situations, and that these differences may show up in the issues of masks, distances of comfort, and physical interaction (handshakes, hugs, etc).
  • So first, we ask that we each not assume that our brother or sister, fellow member or visitor holds the same preferences as our own in these matters.
  • Second, we ask that we each look to the interests of others through our actions, accommodating these differences and seeking to neither give nor take offense when these differences become evident (an offered handshake not returned, someone switching seats or stepping away to gain more space).

With these things in mind, here is CBC's new policy:

  • We will no longer require masks during singing or outside fellowship.
  • While you are welcome to wear a mask at any time, we require all individuals (age 10 and older) to wear a mask when entering or exiting the worship service, and any other times during the service when 6 ft. physical distancing is not feasible or likely.
  • Please continue to leave every other row empty, to allow for socially distanced seating.
  • If you are experiencing any sick symptoms, please watch our church's service on livestream from your home.

Note: If you are concerned about being in a venue where others are not wearing masks during singing, we invite you to worship in the Conference Room of the main building, where all participants will be required to wear masks while singing.

Update from the elders - 7/3/20

Beginning this Sunday, July 5, all individuals are required to wear a mask when entering or exiting the service and any other times while on CBC's campus when 6' physical distancing is not likely or feasible. Individuals are welcome to wear a mask while seated with physical distancing but are not required to do so, except during corporate singing. 

Update from the Elders - 5/22/20

In keeping with Texas's transition to "Phase 2" of its opening plan, we have decided to relax the requirement for masks beginning this Sunday, May 24, so that masks are required (for those age 10 and over) only during corporate singing. Please note, however, that anyone taking advantage of the "high-risk only" room (the conference room in the office building) will need to wear a mask for the duration of the service. We will continue providing reusable masks at the check-in tables for those who do not bring their own mask with them.

Update from the Elders - 5/6/20

The plan for in-person worship service remains the same at this point for the next two Sundays, May 10 and 17, although there will be no need to sign up to come. We have had a request from neighbors to limit street parking, so we are asking that you avoid parking on the south side of El Campo Avenue. With reduced attendance, there should be enough parking in the parking lot and neighboring streets. Watch your email for additional details (and click here to sign up for email updates).

There are several factors you should be aware of as you consider whether to join us for in-person worship services, following the easing of Coronavirus restrictions:

  1. First, we understand that there may still be need for you to stay home:
    • If you are sick, please stay home. (This includes exhibiting any sick symptoms, such as elevated body temperature/fever, non-allergy-related congestion, sore throat, runny nose, cough, etc.)
    • If you identify yourself as high-risk, whether for health, age, or other perceived risk factors, please stay home
    • No one should feel obligated to come if they believe their health/safety is jeopardized by coming.

  2. Second, please know that we will of course continue providing the Live Stream option and making every effort to ensure that it is working for those watching from home.

  3. Finally, if you would like to join us in-person, you should know about these measures we find necessary for the time being:
    • There will be in-person worship service only (no Sunday school).
    • There will be no childcare of any kind (you are welcome to bring your children with you, although they will be expected to maintain social distance also).
    • An usher will help you to find a seat in such a way as to maintain social distance (~6 feet) between family units.
    • Everyone age 10 and older will be required* to wear a mask or face covering while in the building, including while singing.
    • Everyone is encouraged to bring their own mask, but we will have plenty of reusable masks available for everyone’s use while here. 
    • Everyone is encouraged to social distance (keeping at least 6 feet between your family unit and others) while waiting in line, and then when leaving the building/campus.
    • We will have disposable gloves available for those who would like them.
    • We will not pass an offering plate, but we will have receptacles available to receive your gifts.

*Note: consistent with the “Open Texas Phase 1” guidance, we will need to ask anyone (10 or older) to leave if unwilling to wear a mask for the duration of the service.

Update from the elders - 4/26/20

CBC Family,

The elders want you to know that we are monitoring closely the new governmental guidelines that are being released. We are making preparations to assemble for worship, following recommended safety precautions, as soon as we are able to do so.

We do not yet know when that will be, so please keep a close watch on the Calvary website and your email for additional information.

Update from the elders - 4/7/20

Dear Church Family,

In light of the updated declaration from Tarrant County (effective April 3), the elders have decided to cancel all in-person church activities through April 30, while continuing to stream Sunday school (9:00 a.m.) and worship service (10:15 a.m.) on Sunday mornings.

As this situation is continuing longer than any of us foresaw, we wanted to let you know some of the considerations with which the elders have wrestled in recent days and weeks. This is not a comprehensive explanation of our decisions, but we believe these are some important factors for us all to be aware of as we continue to not meet:
  1. It is the clear command of Hebrews 10:25 (and the clear assumption and teaching, generally, of the New Testament) that we should meet together regularly, in person, as a local church, for the preaching and teaching of God's Word and the practice of the ordinances. The biblical and enduring historical pattern for this matches our practice of meeting together on Sunday, the Lord's Day (Acts 20:7; 1 Cor 16:2; Rev 1:10).
    • We understand that live-stream-only services and video-conference small groups--although beneficial--are not ways for us to submit to either the letter or the spirit of these biblical commands.
    • We also recognize that there can be circumstances wherein Christians might providentially be hindered from gathering with other believers on the Lord's Day, yet are not disobeying Hebrews 10:25, as they desire to assemble but are unable to do so (for example, when a believer is sick or in prison).
  2. Based on the equally clear teaching of Scripture (Romans 13:1-7), we should be eager to submit to government authorities (even in some cases where we might disagree with a government's laws and/or decisions) as unto the Lord.
    • There is biblical warrant to disobey the government if the government's law requires disobedience to God's law (Acts 5:27-32). A key difference between the situation the apostles faced in Acts 5:27-32 and the situation we face now, is that we are not being restricted as to the content of our gospel proclamation--only as to the mode and location of that proclamation.
    • The church has not been singled out (other gatherings are prohibited also), although some governments have wrongly classified the church's gathered worship as "non-essential."
  3. The biblical summation of the practical outworking of the law is love for neighbor (Gal 5:14). Properly expressed love for neighbor can sometimes include suspending or altering our regular God-ordained practice (Matt 12:1-13).

  4. It can be faithful stewardship to avail oneself of known effective solutions to physiological/medical problems, when available (Luke 10:34-35; Prov 31:6-7; 1 Tim 5:23). Old Testament law even contains objective quarantine protocols for limiting the spread of contagion within the nation of Israel (Lev 13-14).

  5. It is possible to put too much faith and hope in the ability of government, physicians, scientists, and other experts, to protect us (or to tell us how we must protect ourselves) from something that in reality poses us no ultimate threat (Psa 146:3-5; 2 Chron 16:12; Matt 10:28; Rom 8:35-39). As good a gift as modern medical science may be, its wisdom is still infinitely lower than the wisdom of God (Job 28)--medicine's truth claims are frequently disproved or amended, its promises broken, and its practitioners' moral judgments too often anti-biblical.

  6. While we must not overly trust in science, we must also not be stubborn and independent, trusting in ourselves (Prov 3:7; 12:15; 14:12; Rom 12:16).

  7. We do not need to live enslaved to the fear of death like our unbelieving society (Heb 2). 

  8. Some faithful Christians believe that the government's response to COVID-19 is a legitimate outflow of the government's biblical function, that it is a response commensurate with the threat this disease represents, or even that the government's response has not been sufficiently restrictive of people's movements and gatherings in order to protect us all from the spread of disease.

  9. Some faithful Christians believe that the government's response to COVID-19 is outside the bounds of its biblical function, too extreme or restrictive, or even such an illegitimate exercise of government authority as warrants civil disobedience (for example, to submit to the biblical commands to gather, rather than to the laws of men).

  10. It is important to take into account the consciences of those around us--both of unbelievers, and of fellow believers whose consciences could be harmed by an act that might otherwise be undertaken in faith (1 Cor 10:23-33).

  11. While the example of other believers is not authoritative like the Scriptures are, there is still safety and wisdom in a multitude of counselors (Prov 11:14; 15:22). 
    • We currently are not aware of any like-minded churches in America that have chosen to disobey the government's orders during this pandemic, believing that they are being asked to sin in temporarily moving to online services. 
    • We know that faithful churches in the past have seen fit to submit to similar governmental orders to suspend worship services temporarily during a pandemic (for example, during the Spanish flu of 1918).
  12. God is sovereign over all things--including this virus and the responses to it that have come from the world and the government (Isa 45:7; Prov 21:1).

  13. God is being good, loving, and kind in His sovereign providence over these things. We must remember that He is doing good to us, and not withholding any good thing from us (Psa 145:8-9, 13, 17; 84:11; Jas 1:17).

  14. We should all be humble and willing to submit to God's providence in all things, with joy and gratitude rather than grumbling and complaining (Jas 4:10; 1 Pet 5:6; 1 Thess 5:18; Eph 5:20; Phil 2:14).

Again, this is not an exhaustive list of our considerations, but we want you to know something of our ongoing efforts to be faithful to the full counsel of God's Word in our decision-making in behalf of Christ's church in these extraordinary times.

Although for now we continue gathering in our homes and--we pray--worshiping Christ our King with the same passion and joy we would have in Him if we were meeting together, our hearts long for that day when we will again see each other face-to-face. Until then, please join with us in seeking the Lord in His Word and in prayer, and please pray in particular for the elders as we continue to make hard decisions.

In Christ's love,

The CBC Elders

Update from the Elders - 3/27/20

Church Family,

Due to the stay-at-home orders in Tarrant County and Fort Worth (in effect through April 7), Sunday school and worship services (9:00 a.m. and 10:15 a.m., respectively) will continue to be online-only at least through April 5. We will continue monitoring government declarations and update you when we have more information concerning what will happen beyond that date.

Additionally, these orders have resulted in the need to close our offices. You can still reach office staff between the hours of 9-5, Tuesday-Friday, by dialing 817-738-8456, or by sending an email to

In the meantime, we have been encouraged by the many ways in which you have continued to  stir one another up to love and good works, even though our regular gathering times have not been possible. 

In furtherance of that end, we would encourage you to make sure you sign up for our church-wide emails if you do not already receive them, and also that you consider signing up for a Small Group. Although groups are not able to meet in-person now, several of our groups have been very blessed to meet together in the past week or two, using video conferencing. Click here to sign up or learn more about our small groups.

Finally, a reminder that while we are not meeting, the church continues to have financial obligations: monthly bills that need to be paid, missionaries and staff that need to be paid, and benevolence requests to fulfill. So please continue to give as freely and generously as you always do. You may mail a check to the church (someone will be by to pick up mail several times each week), use your bank bill-pay to send a check, or use the online giving on our church website.

The Elders

Update from the elders - 3/16/20

Church Family,

As Pastor Dan announced yesterday, the elders are working to comply with the latest directions and guidelines from government officials.

In keeping with this effort, we have decided to cancel all Calvary Bible Church ministries and church events through March 30. We will continue to livestream Sunday school at 9:00 a.m. and worship service at 10:15 a.m.

The elders will evaluate subsequent meetings on March 27 and provide an update at that time.

We plan for the church office to remain open during our normal office hours (T-F, 9:00-5:00).

While the event cancelation includes our church-based small groups, we do not want this to eliminate fellowship for our body. We would encourage the use of any or all of the following methods to minister to one another:

  • Use the means we have available to us for keeping up with each other from a distance for fellowship and prayer needs:

    • Phone calls

    • FaceTime/video calling

    • Text messaging

    • Emailing

    • Letter writing

  • Participate in ISI Men’s Bible Study (Rod and Russ will be leading these via conference call on Thursday and Saturday--watch your email for instructions).

  • Watch your email for content the elders plan to send out for the encouragement of the body (articles, video, audio, etc.).

  • Let the elders and others know of needs you have, or needs you become aware of as you minister to others in the body, so that we can “Bear one another’s burdens, and thereby fulfill the law of Christ” (Gal 6:2).

Since giving is an important part of our worship and ongoing ministry, we encourage you to drop off your offering at the church office Tuesday–Friday, 9:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m., or by mail, or give online.

As we were reminded by yesterday’s sermon, God is completely sovereign in all circumstances, including the challenges of the present moment. His purpose is good, and we can trust Him. May we work and pray as a church, such that our lives--especially now--would reflect a prayerful dependence on our loving heavenly Father.