CBC In-Person Worship

May 6 Update

The plan for in-person worship service remains the same at this point for the next two Sundays, May 10 and 17, although there will be no need to sign up to come. We have had a request from neighbors to limit street parking, so we are asking that you avoid parking on the south side of El Campo Avenue. With reduced attendance, there should be enough parking in the parking lot and neighboring streets. Watch your email for additional details (and click here to sign up for email updates).

There are several factors you should be aware of as you consider whether to join us for in-person worship services, following the easing of Coronavirus restrictions:

  1. First, we understand that there may still be need for you to stay home:
    • If you are sick, please stay home. (This includes exhibiting any sick symptoms, such as elevated body temperature/fever, non-allergy-related congestion, sore throat, runny nose, cough, etc.)
    • If you identify yourself as high-risk, whether for health, age, or other perceived risk factors, please stay home
    • No one should feel obligated to come if they believe their health/safety is jeopardized by coming.

  2. Second, please know that we will of course continue providing the Live Stream option and making every effort to ensure that it is working for those watching from home.

  3. Finally, if you would like to join us in-person, you should know about these measures we find necessary for the time being:
    • There will be in-person worship service only (no Sunday school).
    • There will be no childcare of any kind (you are welcome to bring your children with you, although they will be expected to maintain social distance also).
    • An usher will help you to find a seat in such a way as to maintain social distance (~6 feet) between family units.
    • Everyone age 10 and older will be required* to wear a mask or face covering while in the building, including while singing.
    • Everyone is encouraged to bring their own mask, but we will have plenty of reusable masks available for everyone’s use while here. 
    • Everyone is encouraged to social distance (keeping at least 6 feet between your family unit and others) while waiting in line, and then when leaving the building/campus.
    • We will have disposable gloves available for those who would like them.
    • We will not pass an offering plate, but we will have receptacles available to receive your gifts.

*Note: consistent with the “Open Texas Phase 1” guidance, we will need to ask anyone (10 or older) to leave if unwilling to wear a mask for the duration of the service.